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Experienced & Certified

When you work with us here at Elite Detailz you’re investing in quality service from a 19 years experienced and certified mobile detailer. Each service we provide is executed to perfection to give our clients the best possible service every single time.


Elite Detailz comes to you. Whether you need a detail for the weekend vehicle in your extended garage or want someone to come by while your main vehicle is parked at work , we’re there to get it done. Our mobile vans are equipped with the entire necessary arsenal for a showroom finish every single time,

Attention to Detail

Elite Detailz work is a detail for the long term. With services offering long lasting protection for any vehicle. You’re investing in an unrivaled, defensive shine.

Your vehicle should remain luxurious for as long as possible, and with our attention to detail and dedication, we promise each vehicle will surpass your expectations every time.

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Client Testimonials

I got referred here by my building valet-Veer Towers. CJ was super easy to work + communicate with. He came by while I was at work, and the car looked amazing. So shiny and detailed very nicely. Payment is also easy through square. Would totally recommend and use again in the future. Thank you!

- Mich O.

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