What We Offer

Complete Surface Protection

Protect your paint with our complete surface protection. With one to five year packages , you can get the full service treatment at a price you’re comfortable with.

Packages include options for ceramic base coating, two layers of ultra durable hybrid coating, liquid crystal hydrophobic spray coating, wheel coating, leather protection, and glass coating on all glass surfaces. 

Ceramic Coating 

If you want long lasting protection, you can’t go wrong with ceramic coating . This clear liquid when applied professionally with a chemical bond.

Transforms on the surface to become a rigid nano glass superstructure. The slickness provided by the coating doesn’t allow dirt, brake dust, or tar to stick to the covered surface enabling you to maintain the vehicle with less aggressive washing 

Paint Correction 

When your vehicle’s paint loses its original luster. Elite Detailz offers paint correction services. With a combination of various polishing creams and special foam pads , we work to rejuvenate the original finish. If you’re looking for the wet shine, paint correction is the way to go. 

Interior steam cleaning & anti-bacterial treatment 

The interior of your vehicle is where you spend the most time and therefore should be just as incredible as the outside . Through exfoliating leather treatment, anti-bacterial treatment. UV protection , and oder eliminator, your interior will be luxurious and brand new again. 

Maintenance Washes

If you want to keep your vehicle looking new while extending its life and preserving its resale value, maintenance washes are a good option to consider. We preform a thorough detailing process that includes tire conditioning, leather cleaning , total interior cleaning and vacuuming, and application of sealant or wax. Our maintenance washes will keep your vehicle looking brand new and keep it spotless inside and out . 

Fleet Accounts 

Your fleet should always looks it’s BEST since it is representing your company’s image .  No matter how big or small your fleet is we can take care of it.

We service all Autos - Watercrafts -RVs - Motorcycles -Semi Trucks . New or Old.